Accelerated Piano Lab Experience

Benefits of the Piano Lab Experience at David Rodgers Music:

Group Piano Huntington Woods Oak Park Berkley MichiganDavid Rodgers is a piano instructor serving Huntington Woods, Berkley, Oak Park, and surrounding communities in Michigan. He offers private lessons and the new “Accelerated Piano Lab” group experience. The following are some of the many benefits to joining the piano lab:
Full Hour of Piano Immersion. More time at the piano equals more time learning, including built-in, fully guided practice time which could be lacking otherwise at home.
Solves the “Practice Problem.” Music students often don’t practice enough for one or more of the following reasons: not enough time, not enough motivation, or not remembering the material well enough to know what to do. Because the group lesson lasts much longer and is consistently guided with teacher support, it accomplishes two goals: 1) It significantly lowers the amount of practice time necessary throughout the week, and 2) It helps students learn entire songs or sections of songs within the lesson period, meaning practice time at home feels more like review, and therefore like just playing for fun.
Super Fun Learning App Time: Our tablet learning center will help students more quickly learn music, rhythm, and note reading skills. (Coming Soon)
Sheet Music Library Time: Students will have the opportunity to browse and play music from our expanded music library selections, which will include great songs and pieces in nearly all styles and skill levels – pop, classical, ragtime, movie, broadway, rock, jazz, and more.
Audience Availability: While students mostly work on their own during the lab, sometimes they will perform for the other students, especially when recitals or piano festival competitions are coming soon.
Easier to Drop Students Off: Parents are more than welcome to stay for the whole lesson (enough seating is provided), but sometimes it is works better to run errands or go elsewhere, and it is much easier to do that in a full hour rather than thirty minutes.
More Than 25% Lower Cost for a Longer Amount of Time: Many families are on a budget – this group experience is one of the lowest cost ways to learn piano with a professional instructor in the metro-Detroit area.

How Does it Work:

How many students are there in a session?: There are generally only four students scheduled for each 60 minute lab, but it can be a lower number if other students have rescheduled away from their time. Certain weeks it could be a maximum of five students if another student reschedules to that time.

Will other students slow my student’s progress?: No. Students of all skill levels can be in a single session and progress at their own pace, because each is working individually on their own songs and music instruction.

Do beginning students start right away in the group?: Experienced piano players can start right away in group lessons. Those taking their very first lesson will need one 30 minute private lesson to start and then can join a piano lab group.

How much does it cost?: Piano lab runs $20 per 60 minute session (by comparison, 30/45/60 minute private lessons are $26/$36/$46 in teacher’s home location, or at a higher cost for in-your-own-home lessons).

I have additional questions or would like to sign up: Simply send us a note at (email is the best option) or call 248-291-7735 and David will return your call.