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David Rodgers Music Piano Lessons Huntington Woods Berkley Ferndale MI

David Rodgers teaches piano lessons and guitar lessons with over 35 students and is located near 10 Mile and Coolidge in the Oak Park / Huntington Woods, Michigan area. David teaches both kids and adults, including seniors, and specializes in pop, rock, classical, country, and R&B.

Top Reasons to Choose David Rodgers Music for Lessons:

      1. David encourages students to choose their own path by learning songs they enjoy listening to, including songs from the radio, movies and TV, classical pieces, video games, church or synagogue, Spotify and Pandora, and more.
      2. David teaches standard musical note reading (not emphasized by many piano and guitar teachers) which allows students to eventually play songs without the help of their teacher, and to transfer their musical knowledge to additional instruments or voice.
      3. David is not strict, but is a realist. Some parents are concerned because their own piano teachers were so strict that they made lessons scary. David remains calm, patient, and pleasant, but does remind students that the only way to improve is to practice the right way.
      4. David holds an annual recital and sends piano students to an annual competition (both optional, but recommended). Performance and rating opportunities really light a fire with students regarding motivation, and teach critical life skills, like stress management, proper preparation, and more.
      5. David is an expert in music theory (music chords, scales, notes, ear training, and more), and asks students whether they prefer to skim over these topics or learn them in depth. Learning theory is key to becoming a professional performer, composer, and/or songwriter (and many teachers ignore theory, or teach it with boring methods).
      6. David’s students have recommended him to dozens of other students. Openings are generally not in abundance as students tend to stay with David for multiple years, and families add siblings.
      7. David offers in-teacher’s-studio and online lessons, or a combo. Convenience is a major factor for busy families. Students may go back and forth between in-person and online lessons at any time in order to save time, ease up travel logistics, or to prevent the spread of illness.
    Trial Piano Lesson

    * Trial Lessons are no obligation and run 30 minutes. See standard pricing 30, 45, or 60 minutes below.

Piano and Guitar Testimonials:

If you live in the Huntington Woods / Oak Park / Berkley area, and you are looking for a music teacher, check out David Rodgers. He has been an awesome teacher for my 11 year old daughter. – Rachel E. (Oak Park, Michigan)

I would absolutely recommend David for piano lessons. The lessons are great and I wouldn’t change a thing – he is very patient with me and makes the whole process very comfortable. Playing music for me is fun and relaxing. I started lessons because piano is a great brain exercise and can help increase coordination. – Jay K. (Huntington Woods, Michigan)

I’ve learned a lot during lessons with David. I appreciate his detailed suggestions and explanations of music theory and practice. I appreciate his flexibility for timing and changes in schedule – he handles it well. I would recommend David to others for piano lessons. – Sarah P. (Huntington Woods, Michigan)

David is an excellent communicator. No matter how challenging the music, he always finds a way to break things down into easy to understand concepts. I also appreciate how David let me select my music as opposed to imposing his choices on me. – Olisa A. (Royal Oak, MI)

Piano Guitar Lessons Teacher Huntington Woods Oak Park Berkley Ferndale Michigan

Instruments and Topics Covered:
Piano Lessons – Beginning to Advanced General Piano
– Beginning to Advanced Classical, Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, and More
– Beginning to Advanced Music Theory, Composition, Songwriting
– Beginning Jazz Piano (Note: if advanced jazz piano is desired, another teacher is recommended)
Guitar Lessons – Beginning to Intermediate Chords, Strumming, Rhythm Guitar
– Beginning to Intermediate Note Reading
– Beginning to Intermediate Pop, Rock, and Classical
– Beginning to Advanced Songwriting
– (Note: if lead guitar and soloing are desired, another teacher is recommended)

In-Studio Lesson or Online Zoom-Style Lessons – (Teacher’s Studio is Located Just North of 10 Mile Rd. and West of Coolidge in Oak Park, MI)
30 Minutes – $30
40 Minutes – $38
50 Minutes – $46
60 Minutes – $54

Trial Piano Lesson
  • * Trial Lessons are no obligation and run 30 minutes.¬†See standard pricing¬†30, 45, or 60 minutes below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Piano Lessons

1. Do you teach with a method book? Yes, I prefer Alfred Method for piano and Essential Elements for guitar. However, I have used many different methods and am happy to work from any method or use no method.

2. Do students need a piano? Students do need an instrument to practice on. However, keyboards are okay. For first year beginners, a 61-key keyboard is a minimum size (starting at about $100 new). After around one to two years of lessons, it becomes necessary to have a standard acoustic piano or a full-sized, 88-key, weighted, touch-sensitive keyboard, with sustain pedal (please contact David before purchasing). Some teachers recommend against keyboards, but keyboards have improved so much in the last 10-20 years, that I find quality keyboards are very often better than acoustic instruments, especially when comparing lower cost models of both.

3. What is the youngest age for lessons? I generally recommend piano students start only after they can read about 5-10 words. Guitar students can start around age 8, because the technical finger-work is too hard for smaller fingers. All students must be able to sit and focus on the lesson for 30 minutes or more.

4. Can adults still learn an instrument if they have no experience? Yes, adults on average move faster in progress than younger beginners. Additionally, I’ve found that they often enjoy lessons even more than children because they really appreciate the music, and see it as a special treat for themselves.

Lessons Available in the Following Cities:
Huntington Woods, MI
Oak Park, MI
Royal Oak, MI
Berkley, MI
Southfield, MI
Ferndale, MI
Pleasant Ridge, MI
Birmingham, MI
Lathrup Village, MI
Beverly Hills, MI
Detroit, MI (Northern Areas)
Other Surrounding Areas (Please Inquire)

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